25 December 2017

Beermas Day 2

While Beermas Day 1 was strictly an indoor bottled and canned affair, today we've been out and about getting well lubricated, ending the night with a curry, as you do the day before you're going to stuff your face with meat and veg!

Anyway, I digress.

Pub 1
Baneswell Social Club, Newport
Guinness (x2)

Pub 2
Hogarth's Gin Palace, Newport
Evan Evans BB

Pub 3
Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter
(my brother in law was on the Cider Reserve)

Pub 4
Tiny Rebel Newport
Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter

Venue 5
Vanilla Spice Indian Restaurant, Newport
Kingfisher Lager

This was all washed down at home with a Norlands Gul Swedish lager while watching a documentary about Fairytale of New York. I think we'll all sleep well tonight!!

Happy Beermas Eve!

24 December 2017

Beermas Day 1

Happy Beermas everyone!

Today's Xmas Eve Eve warmup consisted of a Ghost Ship, a Tribute, a Hopping Hare, a Double Dragon, a Rockin Rudolph and a Pistonhead Christmas Carol dark lager.

Rockin Rudolph was gorgeous - bold and bitter. The Christmas Carol went down like a smooth port.

Here's to many more!

19 December 2017

Christmas Haul 2017

Every year at this time I buy a wide selection of beers from across the spectrum to keep me well merry over the festive period. This year I raided the shelves at Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco and came away with: 

• Old Peculier 

Ringwood Old Thumper 
Belhaven 80 Shilling 
Kopparberg Spiced Apple cider 
• Guinness Golden Ale, Hop House 13 and Draught (can) 
WXM Wrexham Lager 
Brains Dark and SA Gold 
• Morland's Old Crafty Hen and Old Mulled Hen 
St Austell Tribute 
Sharp's Seven Souls 
Gower Brewery Black Diamond 
San Francisco Anchor Steam Beer 
Felinfoel Double Dragon 
McEwan's Champion Whisky Edition (for Hogmanay, natch!) 
Abbot Reserve 
Fuller's London Pride 
Budweiser Prohibition Brew (for Dry January) 
Adnam's Ghost Ship 
• Crafted Warning Elk Warning cider and Wolf Warning Double Brew Lager 
Pistonhead Christmas Carol
• Greene King Rockin' Rudolph
• Badger Ales Hopping Hare

See most of them in all their glory here: 

17 December 2017

Early Xmas

Tonight we had an early exchange of Xmas gifts with family members who we're not sure if we're seeing over Xmas. I got a lovely Swedish rugby shirt, which is both thoughtful and unique - the perfect present!

The night was well lubricated by bottles of Tribute, Hopping Hare and some Bays Topsail which I haven't had since my last trip to Torquay a few years ago. Yet there it was in Swindon Sainsbury's!

Also took the opportunity to sample the Budweiser Prohibition Brew. It's Bud, but it isn't! So what's there not to like?

15 December 2017

RANT: Tiny Rebel has to fork out £31,000 for being creative. Madness.


F***king ridiculous. What next - plain packaging for beer? Creative design and imagery stifled by know-it-all "mothers" who don't know how to prevent their sprogs consuming alcohol.... and by spineless shopkeeps selling booze to kids to make $$$.

Coming up next: Family Guy banned as it looks too much like a kids cartoon.

I do hope the "parents" who complained about this also are writing furious letters to the myriad of energy drink manufacturers, who with THEIR jazzy can designs and punchy names like ROCKSTAR and MONSTER and RELENTLESS are doing more damage to kids health than Tiny Rebel.

10 December 2017


Well, my mate Steve is off to America to marry his beautiful bride to be....sometime. So we better have a stag do just in case it's tomorrow....right?

Bristol was a lovely city to go out drinking in, my first time out and about in this particular city. Will be going back, definitely, especially to Molloy's.

Pub 1
John Wallace Linton (JDW), Newport
Ringwood XXXX Porter
Mumbles Brewery Xmas Red Ale
Wetherspoons Breakfast

Off to Bristol we go on a packed train full of Bath Xmas Market-goers.

Pub 2
Knights Templar (JDW), Bristol
Guinness Draught
while my mate had Thistly Cross Whisky Cask cider - he couldn't finish it! He went straight onto the Thatcher's thereafter.

Castle Combe Brewery Pendulum

Bath Ales Festivity Porter

Pub 3
Molloy's, Bristol
Flying Monk Habit x2

Pub 4
Elbow Room, Bristol
Budweiser (bottled) - pretty much all they had worth having!

3 December 2017

Get in early, they said....

And we did, and they gave us a voucher for cheap beer. This was number 1. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 followed soon at the Millennium Stadium before Wales beat South Africa. There was just time for one or two more cheeky ones in the City Arms afterwards but trains needed to be caught and the weather wasn't too clever either. Well organised door staff at the City Arms mind, considering the numbers trying to get in. Very polite and helpful, and made light work of organising all the fans. Well done.

1 December 2017

Xmas Shopping Rewards

So as a reward for making a hell of a dent in my Xmas shopping today, I popped into the City Arms for a Dublin Pale Ale and into the Cardiff Tiny Rebel for a Stay Puft.

No photos as I left my phone at home so had to gaze wistfully out of the window at....the NCP car park.

29 November 2017

Minimum pricing.... a rant


I am sick to the back teeth of articles like this coming from "right wing think tanks." It assumes "the poor" (such a condescending umbrella term) are so substance dependant that they will not cope with minimum pricing.

The minimum price per unit policy is designed to PREVENT alcohol dependancy and to PREVENT death and destruction. Opponents seem to want to perpetuate the current unsustainable situation where pints of strong lager cost less per ml than bottles of pop or milk. 

Access to alcohol is not a right. Alcohol is a drug, it is a luxury, a non-essential in life. Used improperly, and more importantly, SOLD improperly by $$-chasing loss-leading supermarkets, it can lead to addiction. We need better controls than what we have now. 

Access to alcoholism support and addiction treatment IS a right, and minimum pricing will not only ease the burden on an already over-stretched NHS dealing with unneccessary alcohol-related illness and injury, but also raise ££ for treatment programs. 

And I say all this as NO FRIEND OF LABOUR or any establishment political party. This account is apolitical, pragmatic and realistic about enjoying alcohol but also realistic about the inevitable problems cheap, easily accessible alcohol causes.

23 November 2017


One of those days. Not even gonna wait to get this home, I'm drinking it from the can on the train. Need it.

17 November 2017

Doing my bit for chicken...er...charity

Nando's, the peri-peri chicken place, are currently raising money for malaria relief in Africa. You can either buy of their very fetching wrist bangles or alternatively you can purchase a bottle of 2M lager from Mozambique, which is certainly one of the more exotic locations I've had a beer from.

A worthy cause to donate money to.

Venue: Nando's, Brewery Quarter, Cardiff

As it was the end of another week of nightshifts, I decided to pop next door to the Yard for a couple of Brains' best - a pint of Bread of Heaven and a pint of their Black stout. Well why not, it'd be rude not to.

16 November 2017

Beer and a burger : £10

The perfect antidote to calm me down after a job interview..... at the Duke of Wellington, Cardiff.

Beer: Brains' Bread of Heaven
Burger: Dragon's Breath Burger

Excellent service and a lovely burger. £10 every Wednesday.

Followed by a Peanut Butter Milk Stout from the TailGate brewery in America, at the City Arms in Cardiff.

5 November 2017

Autumn Internationals Warmup

Popped out for a few quiet ones today to warm up ready for next week's Autumn International between Wales and Australia.

Pub 1
The Queen's Hotel (JDW), Newport
Bishop's Finger (draught) - first time had off pump rather than out of bottle

followed by
Shipyard American Pale Ale

Pub 2
Tiny Rebel Newport
Stay Puft Imperial Puft

Pub 3
Baneswell Social Club, Newport
Guinness Draught

4 November 2017

Happy International Stout Day!

Popped to Tesco to see what they had to celebrate this great auspicious occasion, and came away with one or two beauties.

First of all there was this 7.5% Dragon Stout from Jamaica. Good things do come in small packages.

This was followed by some Guinness Foreign Extra and some Surger Draught.

Happy international Stout Day everyone!

29 October 2017

Dog friendly pubs....

....are a good thing. Just make sure they're not the designated driver.

As well as Guinness at the Baneswell Club, tonight's Hallowee'n themed beer was Wadworth's Treacle Tart at the Lamb, Newport. Bloody lovely it was too.

17 October 2017

Wales v Ireland - anticipation and disappointment

The craic was great in Cardiff today, even if the boys in green did beat us. Anyway we got through the following:

Pub 1
The Prince of Wales (JDW), Cardiff
Old Crow Cider, Gwynt Y Ddraig Brewery
Brains Smooth Extra Cold

Pub 2
Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
Red Stripe Lager (don't ask!) x2

Pub 3
Tramshed, Cardiff
Falkenberg ShedHead (Sweden) x2

The disappointment of the loss - and failure to qualify - curtailed the day somewhat, as indeed did the fact we needed to be on the last train home or bust!

6 October 2017

Popped into the Murenger.....

....the oldest pub in Newport, and a Samuel Smith's venue no less, for what I think is the #bestpintinNewport

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter, brewed in oak casks. With the perfect side dish.

The perfect pre-match pint (Georgia v Wales) to settle the nerves!

The rest of the night was entirely Guinness themed. Even if it was out of a Worthington glass.

3 September 2017

Saturday afternoon out in Newport and Cardiff

Today myself and my best mate Tink hit Newport and Cardiff to soak up some suds before meeting Steve, Dav and Pope to go watch Wales play Austria in the World Cup Qualifying.

Pub 1
The Lamb (Newport)
Theakston Grousebeater (with blueberries) x2

Pub 2
ZeroDegrees Microbrewery (Cardiff)
ZeroDegrees Black Lager

Pub 3
The City Arms (Cardiff)
Tenby Brewing Company Rum Porter Black Flag

Pub 4
The Queen's Vaults (Cardiff)
Felinfoel Double Dragon x2

Pub 5
Tramshed (Cardiff)
Falkenberg ShedHead (Sweden)

Venue 6
Cardiff City Stadium
John Smith's

Pub 7
The Philharmonic (Cardiff)
Guinness Hop House 13 Lager
Guinness Draught

Pub 8
Baneswell Social Club (Newport)
Guinness Draught

Wales won 1-0, by the way!

2 September 2017

Friday night in

Last night's beers:

• Guinness (surger)
• Crafted Warning Elk Warning cider

1 September 2017

Welcome to Bring On The Beer

Hello beer lovers everywhere, and welcome to Bring On The Beer, an alcolog on the web, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This will be a beer blog with a difference.

For one thing I won't be doing any reviews of taste of beer, enjoyment factor of pubs or criticism of particular types of beer. You like cheap Aussie lager? Fine - who am I to judge? My palate isn't sophisticated but my tastes vary. I like red ales, hoppy ales, stouts, American lagers, Swedish ciders and everything inbetween with the possible exception of fruity European lagers, wheat and weissbiers. But that's just me. I can't tell you what's right, wrong, good or bad, because you may like different stuff to me.

Secondly I don't believe that there's such a thing as a good or a bad venue. Obviously if your pub has crumbling masonry, limited choice or bad customer service, that's one thing. But no matter what your venue type - from social clubs to microbreweries, chains to locals - if it suits you, that's fine. I will begrudgingly enjoy pints in Wetherspoons as much as I will enjoy a pint in my local social club. I will enjoy being crammed into a sports bar as much as I will enjoy a leather seat by a roaring fire. Your opinion may be different - please, carry on.

This may sound like a very weedy, very centrist, very all-must-have-prizes approach but it's an approach borne out of fatigue with snobbery and elitism within the beer industry. Everyone has their own idea about what a beer, or a pub, should be, but the only person whose opinion matters is the consumer. If I want to chill my beer, I will. If I want to drink some godawful new world fizzy piss out of a plastic glass, I will. No-one has the right to tell me, or you, what's right or wrong.

I do have my own prejudices and opinions of course, but I'll keep those to myself. If they leak through in my videos or tweets or blog posts then so be it, but I don't think it's relevant to anyone else except myself.

What I WILL be doing is telling you what I've enjoyed and where. A lot of my posts will be centred around adventures in South Wales and London as they tend to be the places I drink the most, but occasionally I venture further afield and hope that if I get an audience here, I'll be able to do more more often. I'll also be reporting on the bottles and cans I've picked up in shops and markets, because I'm very much in favour of improving the home experience as much as I am enjoying the pub experience.

I'm very much in favour of safe, responsible, enjoyable drinking done in a mature manner. Square I know but alcohol is a luxury drug at the end of the day, and should be treated with respect. I may occasionally touch upon the thorny issue of minimum pricing, how other countries approach alcohol and what we in the UK can do to improve our relationship with alcohol.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I endeavour to put a decent amount of effort into it. Cheers!