17 September 2017

Just finished a week of night shifts.....

It'd be rude not to. (Venue: The Queen's Hotel, JDW, Newport)

3 September 2017

Saturday afternoon out in Newport and Cardiff

Today myself and my best mate Tink hit Newport and Cardiff to soak up some suds before meeting Steve, Dav and Pope to go watch Wales play Austria in the World Cup Qualifying.

Pub 1
The Lamb (Newport)
Theakston Grousebeater (with blueberries) x2

Pub 2
ZeroDegrees Microbrewery (Cardiff)
ZeroDegrees Black Lager

Pub 3
The City Arms (Cardiff)
Tenby Brewing Company Rum Porter Black Flag

Pub 4
The Queen's Vaults (Cardiff)
Felinfoel Double Dragon x2

Pub 5
Tramshed (Cardiff)
Falkenberg ShedHead (Sweden)

Venue 6
Cardiff City Stadium
John Smith's

Pub 7
The Philharmonic (Cardiff)
Guinness Hop House 13 Lager
Guinness Draught

Pub 8
Baneswell Social Club (Newport)
Guinness Draught

Wales won 1-0, by the way!

2 September 2017

Friday night in

Last night's beers:

• Guinness (surger)
• Crafted Warning Elk Warning cider

1 September 2017

Welcome to Bring On The Beer

Hello beer lovers everywhere, and welcome to Bring On The Beer, an alcolog on the web, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This will be a beer blog with a difference.

For one thing I won't be doing any reviews of taste of beer, enjoyment factor of pubs or criticism of particular types of beer. You like cheap Aussie lager? Fine - who am I to judge? My palate isn't sophisticated but my tastes vary. I like red ales, hoppy ales, stouts, American lagers, Swedish ciders and everything inbetween with the possible exception of fruity European lagers, wheat and weissbiers. But that's just me. I can't tell you what's right, wrong, good or bad, because you may like different stuff to me.

Secondly I don't believe that there's such a thing as a good or a bad venue. Obviously if your pub has crumbling masonry, limited choice or bad customer service, that's one thing. But no matter what your venue type - from social clubs to microbreweries, chains to locals - if it suits you, that's fine. I will begrudgingly enjoy pints in Wetherspoons as much as I will enjoy a pint in my local social club. I will enjoy being crammed into a sports bar as much as I will enjoy a leather seat by a roaring fire. Your opinion may be different - please, carry on.

This may sound like a very weedy, very centrist, very all-must-have-prizes approach but it's an approach borne out of fatigue with snobbery and elitism within the beer industry. Everyone has their own idea about what a beer, or a pub, should be, but the only person whose opinion matters is the consumer. If I want to chill my beer, I will. If I want to drink some godawful new world fizzy piss out of a plastic glass, I will. No-one has the right to tell me, or you, what's right or wrong.

I do have my own prejudices and opinions of course, but I'll keep those to myself. If they leak through in my videos or tweets or blog posts then so be it, but I don't think it's relevant to anyone else except myself.

What I WILL be doing is telling you what I've enjoyed and where. A lot of my posts will be centred around adventures in South Wales and London as they tend to be the places I drink the most, but occasionally I venture further afield and hope that if I get an audience here, I'll be able to do more more often. I'll also be reporting on the bottles and cans I've picked up in shops and markets, because I'm very much in favour of improving the home experience as much as I am enjoying the pub experience.

I'm very much in favour of safe, responsible, enjoyable drinking done in a mature manner. Square I know but alcohol is a luxury drug at the end of the day, and should be treated with respect. I may occasionally touch upon the thorny issue of minimum pricing, how other countries approach alcohol and what we in the UK can do to improve our relationship with alcohol.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I endeavour to put a decent amount of effort into it. Cheers!