29 October 2017

Dog friendly pubs....

....are a good thing. Just make sure they're not the designated driver.

As well as Guinness at the Baneswell Club, tonight's Hallowee'n themed beer was Wadworth's Treacle Tart at the Lamb, Newport. Bloody lovely it was too.

17 October 2017

Wales v Ireland - anticipation and disappointment

The craic was great in Cardiff today, even if the boys in green did beat us. Anyway we got through the following:

Pub 1
The Prince of Wales (JDW), Cardiff
Old Crow Cider, Gwynt Y Ddraig Brewery
Brains Smooth Extra Cold

Pub 2
Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
Red Stripe Lager (don't ask!) x2

Pub 3
Tramshed, Cardiff
Falkenberg ShedHead (Sweden) x2

The disappointment of the loss - and failure to qualify - curtailed the day somewhat, as indeed did the fact we needed to be on the last train home or bust!

6 October 2017

Popped into the Murenger.....

....the oldest pub in Newport, and a Samuel Smith's venue no less, for what I think is the #bestpintinNewport

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter, brewed in oak casks. With the perfect side dish.

The perfect pre-match pint (Georgia v Wales) to settle the nerves!

The rest of the night was entirely Guinness themed. Even if it was out of a Worthington glass.