29 November 2017

Minimum pricing.... a rant


I am sick to the back teeth of articles like this coming from "right wing think tanks." It assumes "the poor" (such a condescending umbrella term) are so substance dependant that they will not cope with minimum pricing.

The minimum price per unit policy is designed to PREVENT alcohol dependancy and to PREVENT death and destruction. Opponents seem to want to perpetuate the current unsustainable situation where pints of strong lager cost less per ml than bottles of pop or milk. 

Access to alcohol is not a right. Alcohol is a drug, it is a luxury, a non-essential in life. Used improperly, and more importantly, SOLD improperly by $$-chasing loss-leading supermarkets, it can lead to addiction. We need better controls than what we have now. 

Access to alcoholism support and addiction treatment IS a right, and minimum pricing will not only ease the burden on an already over-stretched NHS dealing with unneccessary alcohol-related illness and injury, but also raise ££ for treatment programs. 

And I say all this as NO FRIEND OF LABOUR or any establishment political party. This account is apolitical, pragmatic and realistic about enjoying alcohol but also realistic about the inevitable problems cheap, easily accessible alcohol causes.

23 November 2017


One of those days. Not even gonna wait to get this home, I'm drinking it from the can on the train. Need it.

17 November 2017

Doing my bit for chicken...er...charity

Nando's, the peri-peri chicken place, are currently raising money for malaria relief in Africa. You can either buy of their very fetching wrist bangles or alternatively you can purchase a bottle of 2M lager from Mozambique, which is certainly one of the more exotic locations I've had a beer from.

A worthy cause to donate money to.

Venue: Nando's, Brewery Quarter, Cardiff

As it was the end of another week of nightshifts, I decided to pop next door to the Yard for a couple of Brains' best - a pint of Bread of Heaven and a pint of their Black stout. Well why not, it'd be rude not to.

16 November 2017

Beer and a burger : £10

The perfect antidote to calm me down after a job interview..... at the Duke of Wellington, Cardiff.

Beer: Brains' Bread of Heaven
Burger: Dragon's Breath Burger

Excellent service and a lovely burger. £10 every Wednesday.

Followed by a Peanut Butter Milk Stout from the TailGate brewery in America, at the City Arms in Cardiff.

5 November 2017

Autumn Internationals Warmup

Popped out for a few quiet ones today to warm up ready for next week's Autumn International between Wales and Australia.

Pub 1
The Queen's Hotel (JDW), Newport
Bishop's Finger (draught) - first time had off pump rather than out of bottle

followed by
Shipyard American Pale Ale

Pub 2
Tiny Rebel Newport
Stay Puft Imperial Puft

Pub 3
Baneswell Social Club, Newport
Guinness Draught

4 November 2017

Happy International Stout Day!

Popped to Tesco to see what they had to celebrate this great auspicious occasion, and came away with one or two beauties.

First of all there was this 7.5% Dragon Stout from Jamaica. Good things do come in small packages.

This was followed by some Guinness Foreign Extra and some Surger Draught.

Happy international Stout Day everyone!