25 December 2017

Beermas Day 2

While Beermas Day 1 was strictly an indoor bottled and canned affair, today we've been out and about getting well lubricated, ending the night with a curry, as you do the day before you're going to stuff your face with meat and veg!

Anyway, I digress.

Pub 1
Baneswell Social Club, Newport
Guinness (x2)

Pub 2
Hogarth's Gin Palace, Newport
Evan Evans BB

Pub 3
Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter
(my brother in law was on the Cider Reserve)

Pub 4
Tiny Rebel Newport
Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter

Venue 5
Vanilla Spice Indian Restaurant, Newport
Kingfisher Lager

This was all washed down at home with a Norlands Gul Swedish lager while watching a documentary about Fairytale of New York. I think we'll all sleep well tonight!!

Happy Beermas Eve!

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