28 January 2018

25 January 2018

VID: Combining TRYanuary with DRYanuary

The beer industry, naturally, wants as little people as possible to do DRY January and instead promote their own version which is TRYanuary - i.e. try something new. Well I've got the rest of the year to try something new, so I'll pass on that for now.... but you can still try new stuff even if it hasn't actually got any alcohol in it. I tried Cobra Zero, Nanny State, Budweiser Prohibition Brew, Heineken Zero Alcohol as well as Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic and even a G&T. The results were pleasantly surprising. Cobra wasn't quite good enough and Nanny State was a bit meh, but the Bud and the Heineken were fairly decent imitations. The G&T also didn't quite deserve the shade I threw at it in this video, and the Kopparberg was as sweet and fruity as ever. Home market availability of non-alcoholic beers is improving. Now if only we could say the same about pubs....

Anyway my Dry January is ending on Saturday as Newport County are home to Spurs in the FA Cup. No way I'm staying sober for this magnificent occasion!

8 January 2018

Positives and Negatives of Dry January

So, one week into dry January, and let's take stock

Positive: No hangovers

Negative: Caffeine bang head from too much diet Coke

Positive: Bud Prohibition brew is very drinkable and enjoyable.

Negative: there's only 4 tins per pack

When does the itching and the shaking stop?

I've actually done a lot of "months off" the booze - the last was April 2017, before that November 2016 and I actually had 100 days sobriety between January and May 2016 as part of a weight loss kick (I ended up losing 3.5stone!). So this is nothing new, and not actually hard to do, especially now as the range of non-alcoholic beverages is a lot wider than it used to be.

I may do a video on that subject soon....

1 January 2018

Happy New Beer!....or not....

Happy Hogmanay!

It's been a quiet new year after a busy Beermas.... and I'm about to start Dry January which, it would be very foolish to start at the stroke of midnight, so it starts....NOW. 6:00am.

My last alcoholic beverages for four weeks were a nice bottle of whisky-cask-infused Cornish Healey's Reserve cyder, a Fuller's London Pride, some Guinness and, at the stroke of midnight, McEwan's Champion Whisky Reserve.

Time to give my liver a rest methinks.