31 October 2018


Happy Hallowe'en! Apologies for the lack of blogging -- it's been a busy year and I've let this blog lapse a little. Fully intend to get back on it now though.... A couple of quick updates I can share with you ....

1) BOTB is now on Untappd. I say "now" - I've been on it a while but completely forgot about it until August; so you can now add me as a friend and find out what I've been getting up to by going to my profile : https://untappd.com/user/BOTBuntappd

2) My side project #BeerWales is now live at www.beerwales.com - if you're unaware, it's a project to catalogue and provide an online presence for every brewery, venue and beer shop in Wales all under one roof. It's an immense work in progress and will probably take up a lot of my spare time over the next 12-18 months, but when it's done it will be worth it. As usual there's also a Twitter feed @beerwales, a (fairly useless) Facebook page /beerwales and you can email me direct michael@beerwales.com if you have any suggestions or comments.

3) #Stoptober - gave my liver and wallet a rest this year once again for StopTober which will make the beer taste all the sweeter during the November Autumn Internationals. I also plan on a mini crawl of some of Cardiff's finer venues to celebrate the end of November so look out for a report or video on that.... speaking of....

4) YouTube - the YouTube channel is slowly receiving more content; I've started a new series called Swift Halves where I look at unusual or more offbeat beers or alcoholic beverages.... plus there's the usual mishmash of stuff. The next big video for that will be a look at Sweden's beers following on from a road trip I made there in September; in particular how Scandinavian drinking culture has shaped the laws over there so that any given beer can have one, two or even three different versions! YouTube channel is at : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUR6Lt2AKyGxRsx6uLNVsA

5) General stuff .... I'm still not a fan of IPAs, I still love my red and dark ales....and I still won't recommend anything, review anything or endorse anything! I'll just keep telling you what I like and you can tell me what you like. Simples.

6) Twitter - new followers every week - thankyou SO much, you make this all worthwhile - join in the fun at @bringonthebeer

oh and 7) MERCH!!! Yes I've succumbed to the Merch bug and opened up a Zazzle store - at the moment there's just a handled glass, a tinny holder and some badges and stickers on there but more stuff will be added soon - not least because I want some of it!! Merch store at https://www.zazzle.co.uk/bringonthebeer

and finally as alluded to earlier 8) AUTUMN INTERNATIONALS - four weeks of rugby, beer, pubs and fun.... plenty of content to be generated from that no doubt - will be frequenting some of south Wales' finest locations and sampling some of their best stuff.... including Brains' Bread of Heaven.... can't wait to sink my teeth into that again.

Stay safe, enjoy your beer responsibly, and I'll see you out and about online and in the pubs.