17 May 2019

Ode to Friday Night

You've waited all week for this day to arrive
And you watch that clock slowly tick down to half five
Your mind's eye has seen, as you sit in your car
Settling in crystal clear glass on that wood panelled bar

Your tongue is a quiver, the moment's on the horizon
And with each second passing the goosebumps are rising
The anticipation takes hold at every red light
Ignore the day boozers - they won't last all the night 

Rush hour frustrates you but it's worth the delay
As you get to that place at the end of the day
The lure of the hops, the barley and yeast
With nuts or with crisps it's a Friday night feast

A warm golden glow from the drink you now hold
And from deep down inside as it comforts your soul
From first drop to the last, this reward is so sweet
As you let the barstool take the weight from your feet

The porter is dark, the pale ale is gold
The cider is sharp and the lager is cold
The stout's head is smoother than fresh fallen snow
The IPA's fruits - no-one knows where they grow

Pull the pump, turn the tap, open bottles or cans
Pour out a fresh one, make the bubbles dance
The simple solution to all of life's fear
Join me my friend, let's bring on the beer.