6 August 2019

The past week's limericks

I like a good limerick, it's true
But they can be quite hard to do
Most of the time
It's a struggle to rhyme
It's hard to be witty - who knew?

So here are some that I wrote this week
Collected so you don't have to seek
They're not organised
By date or by size
So just scroll down and have a peek.

Some yeast, some hops, some grain
Are three things you need to obtain
To create a potion
That inspires emotion
It's beer : the cure for all pain

The footy is back yet again
Drama queens masquerading as men
Getting paid one squillion pound
To roll round on the ground
But it's good for us with short atten....

As the weekend begins to wind down
You may just be tempted to frown
But it's not Monday yet
It's not even sunset
So why don't you just stick around?

The pub is the best place to be
To avoid Sunday night misery
Have just one more pint
To sign off the night
But save £5 for a taxi

Monday's work nearly done, thank the lord 

But now I'm incredibly bored 
I thought it would take up more time 
But now I'm here spouting rhyme 
Till my train comes at quarter past four

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