2 September 2020

Reboot / Update

 A quick blog post to say three things:

1) I'm sorry - again - to anyone who was upset by the discourse on Twitter over the bank holiday weekend, provoked by another emotive Hopinions poll about supermarket beers. My views as a pro-choice anti-niche consumer have been made quite clear in my earlier blog post "Magic Rock Haywire" and I stand by them - in fact they should be no secret as that is the most read post on this website. However my opinion seemed to trigger a few sensitive souls and I found myself blocked and/or unfollowed by four followers who, up until yesterday, I had quite cordial relations with, including one major player in beer discourse. C'est la vie. This however prompted me to trim my "Following" list myself, down from over 1200 to a much more manageable 964.

2) I have binned off my Beer Wales project, so the Twitter handle @beerwales and the URL www.beerwales.com are available as of October 2020. Interested parties wishing to acquire these items should email me before they slip out of my control and go back on the open market.

3) I am rebooting my offering. From now on I will stop trying to model myself on some of the more highbrow, highend writing out there and just do me - honest, ill-informed, reactionary, gut-driven blogging, storytelling and ranting. I am never going to appear in Pellicle (certainly not now), I am never going to be a member of any Beer Writers Guild, I am never going to have any books published. 

That's not to say I won't occasionally turn my hand to a more longform in-depth article that may one day allow me to grace Boak & Bailey's - and perhaps other - weekly email shots.With that in mind I have spruced up the website to make it more accessible, will be taking down some of my more embarrassing old YouTube vids, and will try to be more coherent a contributor to Twitter.

I make no apologies for who I am, and the stance I take on issues. I said to myself when I started this malarkey that I wouldn't get sucked into political matters unnecessarily, or take a side in an unwinnable war of ideals or morals. I will continue to drink and enjoy the beer I like to drink, buy it in whichever fashion I wish, and be unashamed about it, regardless of how others see me. This year has been trying enough without having to worry about the shenanigans of SIBA, SBDRC, Spoons or sycophantic sippers.

The simple solution to all of life's fear is to join us, our friends, and bring on the beer. 

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