22 August 2021

Quick Links


If this is your first time visiting the site, welcome. Please find below links to what I believe is the most representative of what I strive to do here:

Tryanuary v Dryanuary: examining the various conflicting arguments for and against abstaining from booze for short periods, especially due to outside pressures

Fly My Pretty : the story of how a run-of-the-mill mass market lager came to be forever symbolically associated with one of the best times of my life

Spring Bock : an examination of how positive discrimination in favour of supposedly under-represented beer styles could help steer the beer industry down a more interesting but potentially less lucrative path

Good things come to those who... is purely and unashamedly a love letter to Guinness

More Than Just Beer looks at the fallout - good and bad - from CAMRA's rejection of sexism and other offensive materials at GBBF 2019

Cask v Craft looks, a little simplistically perhaps in retrospect, at how these apparent rivals/enemies are more like each other than they care to admit

Reflections Not Reviews is part a justification/explanation of my own approach to beer evangelism/enthusiasm, and partly a critique of apps like Untappd which prompted a response from Greg Avola himself

There's also a bunch of COVID-related stuff which was very much of the time and haven't aged particularly well, and some really old one-line crap that's best ignored.

Now enough reflection on old work, let's see what new, novel stuff I can produce.