29 November 2017

Minimum pricing.... a rant


I am sick to the back teeth of articles like this coming from "right wing think tanks." It assumes "the poor" (such a condescending umbrella term) are so substance dependant that they will not cope with minimum pricing.

The minimum price per unit policy is designed to PREVENT alcohol dependancy and to PREVENT death and destruction. Opponents seem to want to perpetuate the current unsustainable situation where pints of strong lager cost less per ml than bottles of pop or milk. 

Access to alcohol is not a right. Alcohol is a drug, it is a luxury, a non-essential in life. Used improperly, and more importantly, SOLD improperly by $$-chasing loss-leading supermarkets, it can lead to addiction. We need better controls than what we have now. 

Access to alcoholism support and addiction treatment IS a right, and minimum pricing will not only ease the burden on an already over-stretched NHS dealing with unneccessary alcohol-related illness and injury, but also raise ££ for treatment programs. 

And I say all this as NO FRIEND OF LABOUR or any establishment political party. This account is apolitical, pragmatic and realistic about enjoying alcohol but also realistic about the inevitable problems cheap, easily accessible alcohol causes.